Speech and Language Therapy - South Devon and Online

Feedback from Parents

'i can't imagine I am likely to meet anyone who could have developed a closer, quicker bond with my son or anyone as professional, capable and caring in such equal measure. Thank goodness for Jenny.'

Mrs W, Parent.

 'Our son has gone from non-verbal to speaking in a year. We have been supported, guided and taught to help our child which is all that any parent wants to do. Jenny is amazing, she is able to adapt to our son and get the best out of him. It was the best decision we made contacting Jenny. Thank you.'

Mr and Mrs L, Parents.

 'Thank you so much for all your help with our son and for being so lovely with him. He seems to have turned a real corner with your support and only today came home and told us that he got a 6c in English and a 5A in maths, way beyond expectations. Your hard work and skill coupled with his application is obviously doing the trick!' 

Mr and Mrs S, Brackley. 


A.received a wonderful school report, exceeding expectation in almost all areas. I thought you would be pleased to know! I am so pleased with A's progress. She truly enjoyed the sessions during the past 2 years, her language and writing improved so much and she is so much more confident. Thank you Jennifer for all your help.

Mrs T, mainstream school. 


Thank you very much for everything you do with him. He's benefited so much.

Mrs D.


Thank you for helping my son.  Your direction and patience is paying off every time he corrects himself while speaking.

Mrs B.


testimonialsThank you very much for your very comprehensive report and for the help you have given my daughter.

Mrs B, Buckinghamshire.


'S is doing well - very vocal now and we are very pleased. Thanks again for your expert help!'

'Thank you for all you have done for S. She really enjoyed the sessions that she had with you.'

'A has made significant progress with you and now feels confident to try things on his own. We would like to thank you very much indeed for all your help and hard work.'

'The reports are fascinating - you are doing some amazing things with E, an enormous thank you'