Online Speech and Language Therapy 

Toddler2Teen Speech and Language Therapy is providing a Teletherapy service to deliver therapy tasks to children online.

You can interact with Jenny Roder, Speech and Language Therapist, through your computer or tablet screen in a similar way to a usual face to face session.

You and your child will see and speak to the therapist to complete fun activities designed to help develop your child’s speech and/or language skills.

Testimonials from Devon parents 2020: 

'We were so pleased to be able to continue our son's speech and language therapy programme via online sessions. The first time went extremely well - our son was engaged throughout and really responded well to this different approach. With me supporting him where necessary, it was very productive and also gave me first hand insight into methods that I can use to encourage his learning at home in between sessions. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.'


"We had our first session of Teletherapy and I was very impressed with how it all worked. The use of technology was varied and motivating and my son enjoyed it. I also found it really helpful as it means I have a clear understanding of what he was doing and can use this to reinforce what he learned in the session. It is a blessing for my son to be able to continue working effectively with Jenny during these challenging times."

Frequently asked questions.

How do I know this will work for me and my child?

I provide a free initial consultation so that you can become familiar with the technology. You will also be able to chat to me to determine whether this method of therapy will suit you and your child.

What equipment do I need?

A desktop computer, laptop, or tablet, with internet connection and a webcam or built in camera. A printer would be beneficial, to produce paper copies of games, although materials can be displayed electronically on your device.

Do I need to buy any additional toys or games for my child’s online therapy?

No, therapy will use the clinic toys to demonstrate tasks and the therapist will advise you how to use your own toys and games at home. You can practice this in your online session. Jenny Roder will also design and email you games, worksheets and pictures that you can print and use both in the session and for follow up games at home.

What does the fee for an online therapy session include?

It includes 45 minutes of online face to face time with a very experienced therapist who has acquired a huge depth of knowledge that can benefit your child. This is divided according to your child’s needs between child/therapist interaction and parent/therapist demonstration and discussions of session and follow up games.

For example

  • A teenager may work with the therapist for 45 minutes followed by the therapist discussing the work with their parent.
  • A 3 to 4 year old child may interact with the therapist for 20 to 30 minutes with the remaining time involving the therapist demonstrating tasks to the parent and discussion of how to do these tasks within the home routine. 

The cost of the online therapy session also includes

- The therapist taking account of the pre session email update from the parents, if they wish to let the therapist know in advance what their child has achieved before the next session begins. This enables maximum benefit to your child as the therapist can plan how to move your therapy forward.

- Designing/producing therapy materials to meet your child’s individual communication needs. These will be emailed to you before the session.

- Follow up email of scanned materials that have been used or discussed in your session.

- Phone calls/emails between sessions if you require additional support.

The amount of preparation time to produce relevant materials for a young child and to give a written summary to describe their tasks, is more time consuming than for an older child. Therefore all children regardless of age, receive an equal amount of professional time from the speech and language therapist.

Do you deliver therapy to children who live outside of the South Devon area?

Yes, the advantage of online therapy is it is available to any family who have a good internet connection.

Does the therapist need specialist training to deliver this type of therapy?

No, speech and language therapists are qualified to deliver speech and language therapy using the online method. However I strongly believe that training is an essential element to maintaining a high standard of professional development. I have therefore invested in training from Dr. Rebecca Mathews, who is a recognised specialist in online delivery of speech and language therapy.