Comprehension Of Language Therapy: Group Therapy

Does your child read a page of their book and then not remember anything about it?

If the answer is 'Yes', then your child may have a hidden difficulty understanding spoken extended language which is being revealed in their poor comprehension of written stories and factual information.

Jenny Roder has a particular interest in this group of children who often do not get referred for speech and language therapy until they are secondary age. If your primary aged child is a good reader but a poor comprehender, you should refer for an assessment.

Can my child improve their reading comprehension?

Yes. The therapist uses a programme based upon visualising the meaning of words and sentences. The therapist has found that this is an effective method of intervention.

Practising comprehension exercises by reading and getting the adult to 'help' is a good way to access a piece of text but the therapist has not found this an effective way to develop independent comprehension skills.

Actively visualising and expressing what pictures the child can see in their 'mind' when reading, is the preferred method used by the therapist.

Can my child attend a small group to develop their comprehension of reading?

Contact Jenny Roder to find out about available small groups or individual therapy sessions. 

Online sessions may be useful to form small groups of children who can complete this therapy. If you are happy to consider group working then it will reduce the cost per child for the therapy session.