Speech and Language Therapy - South Devon and Online

Jennifer Roder, Independent Speech and Language Therapist

Overview of Qualifications & Experience

I have over 30 years of experience and have worked in specialist and managerial posts within the NHS but have practised solely in the Independent sector since 2002.

I have a degree in Speech and Language Therapy and also a Certificate in Education specialising in specific learning difficulties. I am a Listening Programme practitioner.

The Listening Programme can help children who have auditory processing difficulties as well as other conditions. I am also trained to use Talk Tools which can help to develop the articulation of speech sounds. If your child needs signing support then I have an extensive vocabulary of signs that I can share with you as your child develops.

Specialities of Practice

I have specialised in paediatrics and have a particular interest in developmental language disorders, dyslexia and children who need help with their social thinking and friendship skills. I have worked closely with teachers in many educational settings and have an excellent working knowledge of the curriculum requirements at both primary and secondary school.

As the Independent Speech and Language Therapy sector expands with more therapists deciding to practise outside of the NHS, it is important to look closely at the experience they can offer your child.

Speech and language therapy is a craft which is developed through working with many, many children. Learning how to be an excellent therapist takes time and I can confidently say that I am a very knowledgeable, experienced therapist. This enables me to help your child to achieve their best in an effective and timely manner.

I am happy to work with individuals or small groups of pupils. I can also support individuals within their class and can deliver activities through the speaking and listening curriculum or PSHE to the whole class alongside their teacher.


Parent to Parent

I am also a mother and feel that this is an important part of my approach to children and their therapy. I have been through the terrible twos, the first day at school, the ups and the downs of watching my child's progress and the challenges of those teenage years. I look forward to sharing your child's successes with you.